Charity Blansit

Charity Blansit was raised in Missouri and moved to Barcelona in 2000 where she continues to live.  Having grown up in the pristine Ozarkian woods her relationship to the city is almost obsessively related to the over abundance of litter.  Since she was 19 she began her self-taught relationship with art inside a group of Missourian artists both modelling and drawing within the Brundege Group of Artists.  In Barcelona she later joined the CERCLE ARTISTIC DE SANT LLUC.  The history of the San Lluc circle inspires her present work.  San Lluc has been together from 1892 to date with an impressive lineage of talented artists.  There was a time from 1892 until the 1920´s that women were not allowed into the circle of artists.  Charity seeks out old books dating from 1892-1920´s to use as sketching paper in order to represent the female artist in that lapsed time period.

1994-1999  Cultural Anthropology & Psychology, Missouri State University


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