Helena Medrano

During this voluntary exile in an island I am mainly working on paper to represent the female figure and some of the plants that surround me. The investigation on the object avoids any uncomfortable distinction between drawing and painting. I work with both together or separately, sometimes with collage images, but mainly I use line. And I use it as a primitive element to study an object and to express in the simplest way its magnificent properties, to capture efficiently its form and shape, and its movement if it occurred.

In the series “arachne suicide”
Arachne the mortal weaver young girl is represented during the tragic action of her suicide. The composition captured her movements by a superposition’s of lines. This series explores the moment before the metamorphosis starts.
After a competition against Athena Goddess, Arachne demonstrated she was better in the arts of weaving. The Goddess, gelous of the denouncing art of a simple mortal, destroyed her tapestry. Immediately after being hit on her front head, Arachne hung herself. Not happy with her suicide the Goddess brought her back to life and then condemned her to weave for eternity. From this precise moment Arachne will start her metamorphose of the body and definitely transverse into a spider, condemned by Athenea, as I said, to weave for eternity.
A coming series will concentrate on the metamorphosis itself, when the body is not define in any precise shape and presents de dual figure of the hybrid.


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