Milla Svoboda

Milla Svoboda makes intimate and poetic drawings from prints of her own skin. Her compositions suggest oneiric landscapes.

Her method of using her body to make prints in ink, from which she selects her small landscape compositions, creates an interesting dialogue between physical and psychological processes.

The artist is interested in the relationship between ones individual identity and their environment. She explores how her personal connection to herself is manipulated by solitary or communal environments, creating an internal dialogue in response.

Mila Svoboda was born in former Czechoslovakia in 1949. As a professor of philosophy at the university of Brno she was involved in the organisation of public art happenings that encouraged the participation of people in the streets as a way of peaceful protest against the oppressive communist regime.

Since the early 90´s she has been living and working in the Bohemian forest reserve Šumava, where she has developed more personal work that includes drawing, land art and sound installations which she documents and later projects in public spaces. This investigation of the public and the private, exterior and interior worlds is a concept that the artist explores across her practice.


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