Soledad Garzón

La Sole initiates her artistic trajectory from her native birthplace, Cordova, Argentina, where she studied Fine Arts. During this period she realised individual exhibitions in: Cordova, San Juan and Mendoza as well as collective exhibitions in: La Casona Municipal, the gallery of Mirabile art, the International Fair of Galleries of Cordova, as well as many other personal events. Later in San Juan she spent a year and a half in the production and stage scene of The Circle of Tiza Theatre Company. At the same time she developed the multidisciplinary production of the musical set for “Querencias Latinoamericanas”.  When arriving to Barcelona in 2008, she worked for SudioMariscal. She also developed multidisciplinary urban interventions with the group “The Mix”, exhibited in Centre Cívic Golferichs.

At present, her artistic project concentrates on art works packaged into emptiness with a message of art consumption and its narrow entailment to the contemporary scene. She works often with objects found in the street, that after intervention and packaging become new products of desires and needs. The artist works with irony, re-inventing the meaning of objects, creating the result of her latest art: Vacuum Packed Works (Obras Envasadas Al Vacío).


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